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The visit of the Géant in Le Havre

My first meeting with the Géant (Giant in French) was when I was 6 years old. He fall from the sky and was sleeping at the end of the street where I was living. I will always remember when I was watching him walking in the street from my flat and he looked back at me. His story became part of our city, his nightmares were the main topic of our conversation and he broke our heart when he brutally left. Eventually, he came back and another story started. Then there were many stories carried by other giants and also magnificent animals like elephants or giraffes. All of this would not be possible without the genius and the imagination of Le Royal de Luxe and his creator Jean-Luc Courcoult.

When I heard the Géant was coming back to Le Havre for its 500 anniversary I could not miss that event. Here are some pictures I manage to take from this weekend:

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Dress like a Viking – How to make a Hood

Here we are going to see how to make a hood using a really easy pattern. I discovered that hoods are so practical when you are at a Viking show. They protect you from the sun or the rain and if you decorate them with tablet weaving or embroidery they can really be an asset to your outfit. DSC02106

I am using a really light wool for this one as I already have one in thicker wool. You can also use linen if you want something perfect for summer. I chose two different colours of fabric to have a good contrast but you can do it in one colour only.

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Far West

One of my passion is collecting Noodolls. Those soft toys are absolutely cute! So I’m often inspired by them when I’m drawing. Visit their website: https://noodoll.com/

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Knit like a Viking – Baby Socks

Today, we’re going to see with Kame-chan and Turnip how to make Naalbinded Baby Socks!

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Seasonal Window Display

We recently worked on a project with Aya boutique to create an original window display for the Winter sales. We used some Led lights so the display can stand out and attract the attention. Feel free to contact us at info@hanamidesign.co.uk to know more about this service!

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