Dress like a Viking – How to make a Hood

Here we are going to see how to make a hood using a really easy pattern. I discovered that hoods are so practical when you are at a Viking show. They protect you from the sun or the rain and if you decorate them with tablet weaving or embroidery they can really be an asset to your outfit. DSC02106

I am using a really light wool for this one as I already have one in thicker wool. You can also use linen if you want something perfect for summer. I chose two different colours of fabric to have a good contrast but you can do it in one colour only.


You need to cut one big rectangle of fabric about 75x70cm for a men size hood and 70x65cm for a women size. Two small squares 40x40cm for a men hood and 35x35cm for a women one.


Fold the rectangle in two on the longer length and position your square just near to measure how much you need to cut.

Cut the rectangle (avoid closing completely the scissors to have a clean cut) at least 1,5cm less than the length of the square.


DSC02055Now we are going to sew one side of the rectangle which will become the top of the hood. I usually like to pin it so it does not move when I sew. You can choose to sew it by hand for more authenticity but if you are in a hurry doing things last minute (as it is always the case for me) you can use a sewing machine doing a simple stitch.

The top of the hood is now done.

DSC02058 DSC02059

We are going to attach the front square. Again pin the two fabrics together. Be careful to pin it on the reversed side as you can see on this picture so all the seams will be inside the hood. Then pinned and sew the other side of the square.

DSC02059 DSC02063

This is the result you should obtain for the front part. You can see that all the seam are hidden.


Then do the same for the back square. Again be careful on which side you are going to sew. Now all you have to do is to press the seams with an iron. After I usually do an invisible seam by hand to be sure that the fabric is not losing any thread.


Here is the final result! You can either had a braid of tablet weaving onto the border or decorate the hood with embroidery. You are now ready with your hood to affront the elements!

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